Who We Are

Corporate Info

At JMD, we build, construct and develop new worlds with bricks, stones and human of form & function runs like a motif. Worlds, where the architectural grammar is epitomizes like an celebrated triumph.

Worlds, where the building block is our excellence, achieved over the years. Worlds you”ll love to admire, cherish & possess.

We understand that every constructional need is unique to the functions it has to fulfill. At JMD, we have unique solutions for each. In fact, when we build, every room, every nook, every corner reflects sense of purpose you aspire for. As a proactive brigade of industry professionals, we assure you the utmost in quality, timeliness , safety and superior service solutions. A fact exemplified in the spectrum of projects like commercial complexes, luxury apartments etc given tangible shape by us.

We believe in building relationships. in creating everlasting ties of fraternity & goodwill. It is the core ethos that drives our being through diverse involvements in Urban Infrastructure, Construction, Hospitality etc. Indeed, if JMD Ltd. Is the weft of our excellence, our other divisions are the warp. All contributing to the towering edifice of The JMD Group.

At JMD, the most precious commodity to change hands is trust. All of our endeavours embody this principal value. It is how we’ve built our success brick by brick. Achieving excellence in the past as we will continue to do in the future.

CMD’s Desk

Real estate development in India is estimated to be in the region of US$ 15 billion, growing at a pace of 30 percent each year.cmd_SunilBedi

The global real-estate survey has ranked India 5th in the list of 30 emerging retail markets and predicted in impressive 20 percent growth rate for the organized retail segment by 2010.

At JMD Ltd., we are well equipped to play a major role in this boom. We believe in hardwork and a positive approach towards every assignment. We have the skills, experience, guts, grit and drive to make it happen.

Our past accomplishments like JMD Regent Square, JMD Regent Plaza, JMD Pacific Square and JMD Kohinoor etc. are only a glimpse of our solution basket. We have greater things in store for you. That’s a promise.


Started in year 1989, as a real estate solution finder, JMD carved its place as a real estate solution provider.

The initial decade, JMD got accustomed to the market trends, demand & supply equilibriums, bull & bear runs and learned from the grass root level.
1998 journey stared with foundation laying ceremony of JMD Regent Square.

Our Milestones

Project Name

JMD Regent Square

JMD Pacific Square

JMD Regent Plaza

JMD Kohinoor

JMD Regent Arcade

JMD Goverdhan City

JMD Galleria

JMD Gardens

JMD Hotel Hilton

JMD Empire Square

JMD IT Megapolis

Projects Under construction : JMD Empire, JMD Imperial Suit, JMD Suburbio-II, JMD Suburbio-67

Our Vision & Mission


To create unparalleled landmarks by remaining inspired, ambitious and fantastical when it comes to the quality of construction, forever willing to go to the extra yard and let our creations bear testimony to our audience.


To achieve credibility as a developer providing across the spectrum solutions in real estate and urban infrastructure development renowned for exceeding expectation and structuring excellent through prompt and efficient services that underline customer satisfaction, value addition and economic competence.

Corporate Values

At JMD, our values underline your aspirations. We take pride in giving concrete shape to myriad dreams. We channel our energies in creating new worlds which are an expression of your longings, hopes and desires.

Our creations are not mere construction of bricks and stones, they are works of art that capture a design ethos so remarkably singular, it’s un-doubtfully avant grade. We stand in vanguard of construction and development business as torchbearers of architectural, technical and professional superiority.

Over the years, our expertise has shaped innumerable metropolitan and suburban skylines. Many prestigious projects like Regent Square, Pacific Square, Regent Plaza, Kohinoor etc bear our signature, each one standing out for its sound technical know-how, effective planning, quality control, timely completion and economic competence. Commercial complexes, office complexes, malls, apartments luxury residences, farm house.. there is hardly any sphere in the construction and development business, untouched by our presence.

Our Team

Our people are the core around which we spread our multifarious activities. Our sound management practice endorses a fluid transliteration of ideas into reality. The team comprises architects, engineers, management professionals, IT professionals and together it has a cumulative experience of multiple man years. Each member of the team has cut his professional teeth at the most reputed organization in real estate development, thus bringing to fore, a point of view that is nothing less than remarkable. The team has developed substantial expertise and a reputation for creative solutions in the design office, industrial, institutional, governmental, retail, multifamily and special use projects across India.

Our people are categorized by missionary zeal to turn around the impossible. They are always ready to deliver solutions within the stipulated framework and deadlines. The word ordinary is not a part of our lingua franca. We strive for excellence and achieve it always, as a matter of principle.

Awards & Achievements